Tube Races
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Only round, inflatable tubes will be allowed. No flippers or paddles of any kind (including hand paddles). Everyone is required to wear an approved life jacket (pfd), helmet, and adequate foot gear. Everyone will also be required to sign a liability waiver


Tubes must remain on the water during the entire race, participant must remain in tube (unless inadvertently falling out, then participant must get immediately back in tube). No touching the bottom of the river with feet unless getting back into tube. No advancing the tube when feet are in contact with the ground. Incidental contact is allowed, no pushing, shoving, kicking, holding or aggressive behavior, this is a fun race.


The third participant across the finish line is the winner. The fourth across the finish line wins second place and the fifth across wins third place. Any portion of the tube or participant crossing the finish line constitutes finishing.

Can I participate in both the SUP and tube race?

SUP racers can run back to the start to participate in the tube race.